Caity's Life With Half a Brain

Caity’s Life With Half a Brain

I'm a journalism student and I have been creating a documentary film as part of my dissertation, working with Caity Downs and Paula Harman to tell Caity's story and raise awareness of Sturge Weber syndrome. Hopefully this can make a positive impact! Some of the filming took place at the Sturge Weber UK Family Weekend, mainly focusing on Caity and her family but also on the weekend and the group as a whole.
Emily Mee
Emily is now a Producer for Sky News

Note from Caity’s Mum

Caity and I have been happy to help Emily with her dissertation. Caity has found it a fun and positive experience, allowing her self confidence to grow.
At times it has been emotional, talking about past times, looking at old photos and videos of all my children. However lots of lovely memories have been rekindled too!
The highlight was our meeting with Mr. Harkness, the surgeon who performed Caity’s neurosurgery nearly 16 years ago. Although now retired, he was happy to meet for coffee and to answer Caity’s questions. For several years Caity has wanted to say thank you to Mr. Harkness, and meet the man she could not remember. I never thought that this would have been possible, but thanks to Emily's hard work she was able to make this happen.
Paula Harman