"What's that on your face?"

What's that on your face? Is a children's book that dad, Ashley Ide has written to help children understand what birthmarks are and that it’s OK for people to have them, as we are all unique in our own special ways. Some people are big, small, round, thin, are blind, or just have a different appearance.
As a parent to his son Ashton, who has a bilateral port wine stain covering roughly 85% of his face, he knows what it's like on a daily basis for his son. Especially on day trips to new places and when he first attends new places, such as school and this is why he chose school as a location in the book.
The book would be a very useful tool for parents and teachers to help children with and without birthmarks to understand about differences and realise that not everybody is the same and that making comments can upset people. The book has a number of main characters that all are unique in their own ways including a very unique teacher.

We can educate the next generation to be more accepting, our children and future children will be accepted and understood more.

The book was launched at our last Family Weekend Conference and is now available on our on line shop priced £5.99. http://www.sturgeweber-store.org.uk/Books/whats-that-on-your-face

Printed by Dartprint
Designed and illustrated by JoLB - www.jolb.co.uk

For our friends outside the UK wishing to buy the book, please contact support@sturgeweber.org.uk