Lands End to John O'Groats

Graham Davidson Cycling Lands End to John O'Groats

Starting Saturday 28th June

As you know Hallie is still very young and we see ourselves as very fortunate with how well she is doing at the moment. Both Rachael and I are making the most of our current situation and want to raise as much awareness and money along the way as we can for Sturge Weber UK and the families affected by Sturge Weber. This summer I will be taking part in the UK ironman 70.3 in Exmoor and then two weeks later I am taking on another challenge, cycling Lands End to John O'Groats in six days. Roughly 150 miles a day. I'll be traveling down to Land's End on Friday 27th June to get ready for my journey starting on Saturday 28th.

Day one (146 miles) obviously starts at Lands End and goes up and down through Cornwall, Devon and into Somerset, where I will be staying in Taunton Royal Marine Army Base. From what I have researched this day is going to be the hardest day, as all the hills are long steady inclines but the way I see it, with every uphill there is usually a downhill at the other side. Also this might be the only day I'm on my own so it will involve a lot of self motivation and thinking of Hallie to keep me going. Hopefully though, at the army base I will be able to get a good meal and some rest before the next day.

Day two (152 miles) will see me getting nearer to the Welsh border and ending up at Shrewsbury. Hopefully this day will be a bit easier and with the possibility of having a few marines joining me, I'm hoping it will make it a lot better with a bit of fun.

On day three (128 miles) it will be my last stop in England which makes me think I'm almost there. My destination will be Kendal and looking to be joined by my dad for some of the ride and also possible my cousin John (very keen runner and cyclist). It can only make things easier. Also when
Beartie is travelling with Graham
arriving at Kendal one of my brothers, Fraser, will waiting and will be prepared to do the final three days with me.

Day four (150 miles) crossing the border in to Bonny Scotland we will be finishing in Kilmarnock and I'm thinking that we will be arriving to some amazing Scottish fresh food.

Day five (156 miles) ending up in Augustus near Fort William. I think this will be the most scenic section of the ride, so we might have to stop off for a few photos on the way. Also with the finish line becoming nearer, I am sure that motivation will take over and drive us forwards towards reaching our goal.

Day six (150 miles), the final stretch. I think we we'll be leaving Augustus bright and early to get some good distance in so we can finish a bit earlier in the day. It will be very bleak so there won't be much to stop and look at but with tired legs who’s to say how long it will take.

Hopefully, if all goes to plan, we will be finished on the Thursday so we can travel back on Friday to arrive back in Yorkshire for the Tour de France coming through - we are both desperate to see this.

I'll keep you updated on the Facebook page with the routes that I will take in case anyone wants to join me for a bit, or help cheer me on as I past though your local town - any extra awareness would be fantastic.

In the meantime please pass on my just giving page if you know anyone that might want to donate: