Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Laser Treatment
Laser treatment technology has improved dramatically over the last few years and continues to advance.  In Sturge Weber syndrome the birthmark is not just a cosmetic issue, some birthmarks can thicken over time and "blebs" can appear.  These are raised patches on the birthmark which can bleed when knocked.  Laser treatment can help prevent this happening.  The child usually has a series of treatments over a period of a few years.  Each birthmark reacts differently so it is difficult to give a precise time period. 
Treatments can be done under general or local anaesthetic and a test patch is usually done first. 
Below is a link to a Great Ormond Street fact sheet on laser treatment.

Q. Do the dots remain after a laser session?
A. The actual laser dots take up to three weeks to go, about 3months later the dots reappear as paler skin, next time they laser the do a dot to dot to join them up and after a few sessions its a more even overall appearance.

Removing glue after EEG

This document is for hints and tips relating to removing glue after an EEG. Please feel free to add your own hints and tips to share with others.
1. Use warm baby oil or olive oil and cotton wool
2. Use warm conditioner, massage in and, if the child will tolerate it, wrap a warm towel around the head for 5 minutes or so.
3. Tea Tree oil
After using these methods use a small toothed comb or nit comb to tease the glue out. After using any oil on the hair, add shampoo before you apply water as it is easier to remove the oil this way.
4. Some people use nail polish remover, I would only use this if you are desperate as the acetone can irritate the skin and only a tiny bit on a cotton bud. Wash off immediately and condition the hair and scalp.