Direct Payments

If you or someone you care for get help from social services you can apply for direct payments. These let you choose and buy the services you need yourself, instead of getting them from your council.
You can only get direct payments if you’ve been assessed by social services as needing care and support services.
Direct payments can be made to:
* disabled people aged 16 or over (with short or long-term needs)
* disabled parents for children’s services
* carers aged 16 or over (including people with parental responsibility for a disabled child)
* elderly people who need community care services

Liann on holiday in Spain

Holiday cover
You can use Direct Payments when you are on holiday abroad to pay for services. We use an agency in Spain and Direct Payments will pay for a nurse to come and sit with Liann. The agency we use is Care 4 you in Spain but there may be similar agencies elsewhere. Care 4 you in Spain covers a large part of Alicante and its website is