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the single:- More Than Just My Little Girl.

More than just my little girl is a moving tribute, written by a father about his inspirational and brave daughter.


Angelina Mills has Sturge Weber Syndrome and due to the quantity and severity of the seizures that are closely associated with Sturge Weber. At the age of 1 she had a major brain operation called a hemispherectomy; this involved disconnecting the outer layer of the affected part of the brain; it carried risks but would leave Angelina with up to an 80% chance of being seizure free. We're glad to say that the operation was a great success.

The words were originally written as a poem by Stephen Mills (Angelina's Daddy) and later transformed into song by Warren Polydorou. The lyrics are a testimony to the strength and courage shown by Angelina and how, in dealing with all her problems, she can inspire and encouarge friends, family and others that suffer and have to deal with Sturge Weber Syndrome.
You can listen to a short version of the song on the shop web page.