Are you claiming all that you are entitled to?

Disability Living Allowance.  This includes a Care Component (if you need help looking after yourself or supervision to keep you safe) and a Mobility Component - formerly called Mobility Allowance (if you can't walk or find it very hard to walk, or you need help getting around).

Carer's Allowance (formerly called Invalid Care Allowance) is payable to a mother or father caring for a baby who is on the middle or higher rate of DLA. Telephone 01253 856123

Severe Disablement Allowance (paid from 16 years old) is no longer open to new claims, although under some circumstances previous claimants who temporarily stopped claiming may be able to resume.

Income Support is payable at eighteen years old.

Social Fund up to £1,000 for equipment for those on income support.

Council Tax Discount if you are not in band A you may qualify to drop one tax band. If you are in band A then you may be entitled to a discount of one sixth of your bill. That is if an adult or child is resident and there is an extra room for that person, or extra space is needed, for example, to store a wheelchair.

Council Tax Discount for Carers. This only applies to those caring for someone over eighteen, who is in receipt of DLA at the higher rate. If two people are caring for at least thirty five hours each per week, they may be entitled to up to fifty per cent discount. This will be affected if there are other adults living in the house.

Family Fund Trust: funding may also be available from The Family Fund Trust, PO Box 50, York. YO1 2ZX.